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Patriotic Star Bars  

Here is great way to make a treat even better for sharing with friends and family after a summer BBQ!
Patriotic Star Bars
  • Servings:
  • Created by: Blue Ribbon Classics



  • Blue Ribbon Classics Star Bars: 1-2 boxes depending on how many people you are making treats for.
  • Caramel Drizzle: you can use caramel topping for frozen desserts but it works best if you use the thicker type that is for drizzling on coffee drinks. Use when fully refrigerated and cold.
  • Red, White and Blue Jimmies (sprinkles)



  1. Unwrap the Blue Ribbon Classics Star Bars and place on a plate or platter.
  2. Set up two smaller plates – one to use for applying caramel and one for applying sprinkles.
  3. One by one, hold a Star Bar over the plate for caramel and drizzle stripes of caramel over the bar in a zig zag pattern.
  4. Then hold the Star bar over the sprinkles plate and shake the desired amount of sprinkles onto the caramel.
  5. Return to the platter.
  6. When you have them all decorated, return the platter/plate to the freezer to firm up.
  7. Take out and serve when ready.


You’re getting colder... the flavor of fun frozen treats is somewhere nearby.